Luck Spells
If you've been feeling like other
people or situations have been in the
way of what you want your life to be
like, and they have been somehow
shoving your life in a direction you
don't want to go in, then this might be
just the spell you need! The first
thing most people begin to feel is a
escalating feeling of inner power.
You might feel stronger, more
confident and sure of yourself. You
may begin to become more and more
aware of all the little ways in which
you had been giving away your
power, and you might begin to make
your own choices and be able to stick
to your choices, doing what feels
right to you instead of allowing others
to make your decisions for you! You
may begin realizing that you are in
control of what direction your life is
moving in and loving every second of
If nothing has been going the way
you want it to, if it seems like too
many things or people are in
between you and your goals, or if
you have several different areas of
your life that all need help at the
same time, this might be just the spell
you have been looking for! This good
luck spell is one of my personal
favorites, because it takes any
situation, no matter what it is, and
turns everything into something
better instead! So that no matter
what happens, it will somehow work
to your benefit! A person who got
fired from their job, finds an even
better one making even more money.
Someone who had a serious injury
meets their future wife/husband at
the hospital and on and on the list
goes so that no matter what's going
on in your life, it helps you come out
on top!
If it seems like opportunity has been
ignoring you, or if you feel like you
might have missed a great chance,
with this spell opportunity could be
knocking multiple times on your door!
You may begin to see small
opportunities coming your way. The
more you take advantage of them,
the bigger and better they get. It
seems to be quite a chain reaction!
The beauty of this good luck spell is
that it doesn't just bring one, big
opportunity that could possibly be
overlooked, it just keeps bringing
more and more, bigger and better
opportunities to you!
If you have been looking for a good
all-around good luck spell, this one is
for you. The great thing about this
good luck charm spell is that it will
draw to you a special good luck
charm that is uniquely yours alone.
You will feel drawn to an object that
possesses very strong lucky energy.
You could find this object any time,
anywhere, so pay attention! Carry
your good luck charm amulet with
you everywhere you go.
Experience a better quality of life with
Divine, loving energy comforting and
nurturing you in every way. Start
feeling the warmth of universal love
and the peace of mind that comes
from knowing the environment
surrounding you has been protected
with positive, loving vibrations. You
might start feeling like you are
surrounded by an aura of
impenetrable light and like everything
will work out in a constructive way
and it does. And, before you know it,
things are more smooth and more
effortless than ever before!
This blessing spell works best for a
specific area, usually around one
block in total area. It could be used
for your home, office, neighborhood,
school, etc. It helps to fill
approximately a one square block
area with the good, positive energy
of peace, love, and harmony to help
bring about a greater spirit of unity
and harmony. It can also be useful in
removing evil entities and energy
near this location as well as in your
life in general. This spell sets up a
powerful shield that helps to block
out all bad energies and entities,
keeping you and those you care
about safe and secure. It attracts
blessings and good fortune to the
area helping to produce a
harmonious environment for you and
all those within the spells boundaries.
Cast Once
Double The Power!
Cast Twice
Triple The Power!
Cast Thrice
Cast Once
Double The Power!
Cast Twice
Triple The Power!
Cast Thrice
Cast Once
Double The Power!
Cast Twice
Triple The Power!
Cast Thrice
Cast Once
Double The Power!
Cast Twice
Triple The Power!
Cast Thrice
Cast Once
Double The Power!
Cast Twice
Triple The Power!
Cast Thrice
Cast Once
Double The Power!
Cast Twice
Triple The Power!
Cast Thrice

Spells are NOT intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions, or to be used in place
of qualified medical care.
Always seek the help of a qualified medical practitioner for all physical, mental and
emotional conditions.

All orders received after 7PM EST will be cast the following day.

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