So is the Law of Attraction magic? Well, yes and no. It really depends on
how you use the word 'magic'. Aleister Crowley defined magic as "the
science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the will". That
would also be a very good definition of the Law of Attraction if you ask me.
So you can call it Magic, the Law of Attraction, spell casting, praying or
whatever you like but how does it work? Whether we say a prayer, cast a
spell or say a Law of Attraction affirmation what we are really doing is
stating an intention.

Our own subconscious mind will then take that intention and, just like an
gps in a car, it will take us there. We can be or do or have whatever we
want. We just need to believe we can, to give ourselves permission. So all
the wand waving and other paraphernalia of the occult are just
psychological tricks to make us believe we can. And when we believe we
can, we give ourselves permission and we can. You don't need to wear
special robes, burn incense, light candles, wave wands. You just see it
done and FEEL it done, and it is. Having everything you want is yours by
right. It is your birthright. Have a great life, you deserve it!
Is The Law Of Attraction Magic?

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